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Looking for an Outdoor Mobility Scooter?

The world of outdoor mobility scooters might seem quite overwhelming if this is your first time purchasing one. Here at Stratus Healthcare, though, we want to help match you to…

Salin Plus Explained!

What is Salin Plus? Salin Plus is a Salt Therapy device that helps those with breathing difficulties to breathe better. Salt therapy may also be known as halotherapy and is…

Tip to Survive the Spring

We are well and truly seeing the signs of spring in the air; brighter evenings, warmer weather and even the occasional appearance of the sun in the sky! After the…

Viagra Connect- What you need to know!

From 11th January 2021, Viagra Connect has become available to purchase as an over-the-counter medicine from pharmacies in Ireland, having previously been subject to a prescription by a doctor. Viagra…

Clean Marine

You can spend a fortune on fancy creams and cleansers, but when it comes to achieving¬†truly¬†good skin, it is all about what comes from within. You are what you eat…

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