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Buying a Rollator

Rollators are a brilliant way to increase your mobility and confidence when you lose stamina & strength. Opposed to a walking stick or crutch, rollators give the user added security and stability thanks to the addition of a seat to allow for comfort when you are fatigued and in need of a rest. When buying a rollator there are a few questions to ask before buying.

  • Will you need a seat? The majority of rollators have seats but if you’re in need of a lighter option and more confident with your stamina and stability, rollators without seats are available such as the Drive Roomba Indoor Rollator.
  • Indoor or outdoor? Will you be using your rollator to go down to the shops or into town or will it be solely used for indoor purposes. The Drive Diamond Rollator is the ideal choice for outdoor uses. Thanks to its sturdy, height adjustable frame it will suit almost anyone and its comfortable mesh backrest gives comfort while out and about. Almost all of our rollators suit indoor uses but our Drive SR8 Steel Rollator is an extremely light but comfortable option with a seat and large basket to store items. As well as that, it comes with a tray and so can be used for transporting meals around the house.
  • Will your rollator be transported often? If so, we have a range of rollators that fold down easily to allow for transportation that can be put into cars without taking up much space. The Lightweight Aluminium Rollator & Height Adjustable Light Aluminium Rollator are extremely lightweight and foldable and should do just the trick.
  • Walking stick or crutch user? We have a range of rollators that have holders for sticks & crutches. Such an example would be the Comfort Rollator. Besides being one of the most comfortable and functional rollators we have on offer, it also has a stick holder attached.
  • Not ready for a rollator but want increased manoeuvrability? Try out some of our tri-walkers. As the name suggests, it has three wheels and are extremely light and portable. All of the tri-walkers we have on offer fold down. We have ones with seats, baskets, bags and trays to suit all needs. See the range here:

Pop into any of our pharmacies or our Mobility Showroom to test them out or send us a message using our PharmaChat service and get in contact with one of our Mobility experts immediately, or call us on 1850 940 800 for any queries you may have.

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