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Self Care

Common Skin Problems in Children

Infants can develop many types of skin conditions shortly after they are born; with three of the most common skin problems affecting infants being nappy rash, eczema and cradle cap.…

Salin Plus Explained!

What is Salin Plus? Salin Plus is a Salt Therapy device that helps those with breathing difficulties to breathe better. Salt therapy may also be known as halotherapy and is…

Clean Marine

You can spend a fortune on fancy creams and cleansers, but when it comes to achieving truly good skin, it is all about what comes from within. You are what you eat…
Mental Wellbeing

ZENBands – Blooming Wellness

Created by Dr. Erin Stair and her company, Blooming Wellness, ZENBands are wellness headbands with removable custom-made pillow speakers that feel amazing on your ears. Compared to regular headphones, they…

Flu Season 2019/2020

This year’s flu vaccine campaign will launch October 2019. The seasonal flu vaccine protects you against the most common flu strains circulating between the population as according to the World…

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