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Daily Living Products

Here at Stratus Healthcare we supply a range of mobility aids that can help you feel more comfortable at home. From the kitchen to the bathroom we have Daily Living products to aid everyone’s needs. These products are for anyone who mobility is limited or impaired, either due to illness, injury or advanced age. Below you’ll find a range of suggested Daily Living aids we have available online and in our showroom.

Kitchen Aids:

Becoming unsteady or less confident with your mobility can make it very hard in the kitchen. We have Easy Grip Cutlery which are ideal as well as Spill Proof Cups and Deep Lap Trays which can help avoid accidents at home and in the kitchen. As well as that, we have Automatic Can Openers for people with reduced grip.


We have a large number of products which can assist you in dressing every day. Our popular Poly Stocking Aid is a simple but effective design for people having difficulty putting on socks due to a bad back or injury. The multi-purpose Hip Kits we have in stock contain a range of products from a Handy Grabber to a Long Plastic Shoehorn which are ideal for people with limited mobility who are eager to carry out everyday tasks independently. Lastly, our inexpensive Dressing Stick assists anyone who has pain or stiffness in their arms or shoulders or has the use of only one arm to pull on and push off clothes.


The bathroom can become a real hazard for anyone with limited mobility and that’s why it is essential to install Grab Rails to avoid injury due to trips and falls. Another essential item is the Trombone Hinged Support Rail which can be placed beside the toilet to aid with standing up and sitting down. Also, those with limited mobility can find it very painful sitting on the toilet, here at Stratus we have Raised Toilet Seats in various heights to reduce the discomfort.


New onto our website is the award winning Doormatic Door Opener which is ideal for people who have issues getting around the house as it can automatically open doors. Our Pedal Exercisers are ideal for users with limited mobility allowing exercise which is low impact and easy on the joints. They can aid in blood circulation and are easy to fold and store away.

We are certain that we can assist you with whatever need you may have, as we have a huge range of products that can help you out. Visit us on our website, call into our showroom in the Cleaboy Business Park or give us a call on 1850 940 800.

Can’t find the product you’re looking for? Give us a call on 1850 940 800 or email us at support@sandbox.mxnet.info/stratus and we’d be happy to help you with whatever query you have.

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