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Use Doublebase Emollient Gel for Dry, Chapped or Itchy Skin

Welcome to Stratus Healthcare. We have an amazing online store full to the brim with incredible remedies that will be sure to help with any medical issues you may be experiencing. Our team of professional healthcare assistants will be more than happy to help with anything that you may need from vitamins and supplements to a variety of medicines that are perfect for your specific requirements. Have you been experiencing itchy, dry skin? Then we have an incredible doublebase emollient gel that will be sure to solve all of your troubles. 


This fantastic product works as a highly moisturising and protective formula which has been specifically developed to soothe dry, chapped, inflamed and itchy skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and ichthyosis. All you have to do is simply apply the doublebase emollient gel smoothly over and around any of the affected areas and leave to soak into the skin. You can be sure to see a significant difference within a matter of minutes. We have a 100g pot as well as a 250g option, depending on how much you are needing, but with a small pea-sized amount, you will see a rather big improvement. 


Our fantastic doublebase emollient gel will effectively reduce any discomfort that you may be experiencing with ingredients such as liquid paraffin and isopropyl myristate, you will feel a hydrating sensation that will leave you with softer and smoother skin without any itchiness. It can be applied as needed and will work to help you feel more confident and comfortable in your skin, so you can trust that you are purchasing a reliable product that you can count on to benefit your skin. 


Not only can supply and deliver doublebase emollient gel, but we can also offer products that will improve your healthcare as well as your mental wellbeing and so much more. You can be sure to find exactly what you need here with us at Stratus Healthcare, we have prices unlike anyone else, so you can be confident that we are the company you need for the best products on the market.


So if you are in need of doublebase emollient gel, you can sign up to our online store today and browse our wide selection of products and find exactly what you are looking for. For any inquiries or specific requests, please do not hesitate to call on 1850 940 800 or email support@stratushealthcare.ie if you have any problems and our customer service team will be more than happy to help with anything you may need. 

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