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Flu Season 2019/2020

This year’s flu vaccine campaign will launch October 2019. The seasonal flu vaccine protects you against the most common flu strains circulating between the population as according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Each year you should get the vaccine before the flu season hits since the flu is constantly changing. Getting the flu vaccine last year doesn’t mean you’re protected this year. You can get your flu vaccine every year either from your pharmacist or GP. This year, children aged 10 years and older can also get the flu vaccine from a pharmacist.

Here at Stratus Healthcare we’ve made it even easier to get your flu vaccine. Simply log on to our app and press ‘Appointment’ to book yours today. In a rush? You can simply call into us in Waterford or Tullamore and we can give you the flu vaccine ASAP.

What happens?

On arriving for your flu vaccine you’ll be asked a few questions such as your address and PPS number; this only takes a few minutes. Once completed, you’ll be shown into our consultation room by a pharmacist. Giving the flu vaccine is a very quick process and only takes a few minutes. Afterwards, you’ll be asked to sit down and wait for 15 minutes to make sure there are no adverse reactions and then you’ll be welcome to leave.

Upon leaving, you’ll be given a small card confirming you have been given the flu vaccine for the 2019-20 Flu Season. If you wish, you can inform your GP that you have received the flu vaccine, or we can do this on your behalf.

The flu vaccine is free if you are in an at-risk group and have a medical card or GP visit card. For all other patients, there is a service charge of €15.

What does it do?

The flu vaccine can’t give you the flu since it does not contain any live viruses. Once the vaccine enters your system, your body starts to produce antibodies to help it fight off the influenza virus. If you happen to come into contact with these viruses throughout the winter, your body will produce these antibodies and stop you from getting sick.

At-Risk Groups

It is vital that all at-risk patients receive the flu vaccine this season to avoid any serious illnesses or fatalities. The flu vaccine only takes 20 minutes but can save your life. We recommend getting the vaccine if you:

  • are 65 years of age and over
  • are pregnant
  • have a long-term health condition
  • work in healthcare
  • have cancer
  • have a BMI over 40
  • are a carer
  • live in a nursing home or other long-term care facility
  • in regular contact with pigs, poultry or water fowl

You should not get the flu vaccine if you are feeling unwell or have a fever but instead wait until this has passed.

Pregnancy & the Flu Vaccine

When pregnant, it is suggested to get the flu vaccine as you’re at an increased risk of developing complications if you contract the influenza virus. You can get the flu vaccine at any stage of pregnancy but getting it as early as possible is always better. The impact of the flu during pregnancy can cause serious complications which can lead to a premature birth or lower birth weight.

Serious side effects from the flu vaccine are rare but common side effects may include mild soreness and redness around the injection site. Mild sweating and shivering may occur, but this is not the flu and is just your body’s reaction to the flu vaccine.

If you feel unwell after getting the flu vaccine and develop a temperature you can take paracetamol or ibuprofen to help with this; ask your pharmacist for advice.


For further advice on the flu vaccine whether it’s about the flu vaccine itself or how to book an appointment, you can phone us on 051-337054, email us at pharmacist@stratushealthcare.ie or use our PharmaChat service to get in contact with a pharmacist immediately.


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