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How to choose your mobility scooter?

Losing your mobility can make it increasingly more difficult to do simple tasks like pop down to the shop or visit a loved one. Stratus Healthcare are here to meet your every need regarding your mobility. We feel that your life shouldn’t be put on hold so that’s where we step in. If you’re relying more and more on people to help you, it may be time to consider a mobility scooter.

Mobility Scooters come in a wide range of models, and are a great option for those who want to remain active despite their limited agility. There are many questions you have to ask yourself before buying a mobility scooter. These include:

How often will you be using the mobility scooter?

If you’re going to be relying on your mobility scooter heavily everyday it’s essential to get a high quality, reliable and comfortable scooter such as the Envoy 8+ Mobility Scooter. On the other hand, if you’re using it only a few times a week then the ST1 Mobility Scooter is the one for you.

Where will you use your scooter?

If you intend on using the scooter primarily indoors you will need a narrower mobility scooter to get around hallways and busy shopping centres. However, if you’re going to be using it outdoors on the roads and footpaths you will need a higher scooter to give plenty of clearance for footpaths and a larger battery.

Will you have to transport it in the car?

If you’ll need to bring the mobility scooter in the car you will need a foldable scooter such as the Zen Mobility Scooter or ST1 Mobility Scooter. Foldable scooters are lightweight and compact and are perfect for days out.

What weight will be carried on the scooter?

Heavier users will require a more durable scooter. It is essential to incorporate your weight into the decision-making as it can affect the performance of the scooter. You’ll have to remember to include any breathing apparatus that may need to be attached to the scooter which will add to the total weight load.

How tall is the user?

If you are a taller person you may need a scooter with a taller backrest or one with more room for longer legs.

Will the scooter be used for long journeys?

If you need a scooter for long journeys you will need a mobility scooter with a larger battery such as the Envoy 8+ Mobility Scooter which has a range of up to 30 miles. It’s imperative to keep your battery charged daily and if you look after it well and keep it well maintained you can expect your battery to last up to 3 years.

How are you going to store your scooter?

We recommend keeping your mobility scooter in dry conditions to avoid damp conditions as it can damage the performance of the scooter and worsen the battery quality. Always get a cover for your mobility scooter to prevent damage or reduced performance.


Here at Stratus Healthcare, we are here to manage your mobility needs. We have a large range of mobility scooters available and our sales people are happy to help you chose the right one. Go to sandbox.mxnet.info/stratus to see our full range of mobility scooters, or phone us on 1850 940 800.


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