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Interdental Brushes

Are you looking to purchase interdental brushes quickly and easily online? Stratus Healthcare is here to help. When you shop online at Stratus Healthcare, you don’t just get access to our comprehensive range of quality healthcare products, fitness aids and expert advice, you also get the best prices in the market.


To make it even easier to shop online with Stratus Healthcare we have now created an app that you can download onto your mobile phone or tablet. As well as purchasing your interdental brushes via this app you can also manage your prescriptions, get easy access to correct health information and see exclusive special offers. It is our aim to make healthcare as easy as possible for our customers. 


Interdental brushes are an alternative to floss, they are designed to remove pieces of food and plaque from between your teeth which will in turn help to prevent gum disease. They have small bristled heads and they come in different widths to suit the sizes of the gaps in between your teeth. You should aim to clean your teeth with our interdental brushes at least once a day and you should work around the whole of your mouth so you don’t miss any of the spaces. If you have never used an interdental brush before but it has been recommended by your dentist then we suggest that you purchase our Paro slider starter kit. This kit is designed to make cleaning the spaces in between your teeth easier than ever, creating a more effective closed-mouth cleaning of interdental spaces. The soft, anatomically designed, cup-shaped interdental brush enables you to easily feel the interdental space and gently moving the anti-slip button back and forth allows the interdental brush to slide smoothly into the space.


We also currently stock a Paro toothbrush that is double-ended with an interdental brush meaning you never have to carry more than one brush and can still keep your teeth clean and feeling fresh. The Paro exS39 toothbrush is made with ultra-soft filaments so that it can be used by everyone no matter how sensitive your teeth are. 

No matter which interdental brush you choose, you can receive it quickly with our 3 – 5 day delivery. When purchasing from Stratus Healthcare our delivery is free on all orders over €49 and we always aim to get the products to you as soon as possible. If you’re having any issues regarding delivery at the checkout then get in touch. You can email us at support@stratushealthcare.ie and a member of our team will be able to assist you further.

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