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KRTS Power to Respond - Taking control of your mental health

Here at Stratus Healthcare we’ve teamed up with KRTS Power to Respond to look after you and your mental wellbeing. As they say, ‘Healthy Mind, Healthy Body’ and there’s nothing more important than taking care of yourself and your head.

Our partnership with KRTS will bring their multi-functional app directly to the public for the very first time.

KRTS Power to Respond is a ground-breaking app to be used immediately after a challenging event, crisis or trauma to give you relief, support and comfort during times of stress and anxiety.

Its two main functions include:

  1. Supporting individuals immediately after an incident to help them understand their reactions and emotions and offering strategies to help deal with them, and if necessary, signposting the individual to further support.
  2. Offering individuals related to them, such as family, friends and colleagues, help and advice on what to do to those affected, and most importantly, what not to do.

Trauma, crises and anxieties are all common parts of our life and you never be left helpless during these hard times. Help is just around the corner and can of massive benefit to those affected. We all respond differently to these incidents and KRTS can tailor your support to help you feel yourself again.

Incidents can range from accidents, to physical/verbal assaults, relationship issues, bereavements and unwelcomed diagnoses. They can vary and come in all sizes, shapes and forms and be unexpected, overwhelming and take a lot out of the individual experiencing them.

If you feel like you’ve experienced an incident, trauma or crisis, this is where KRTS Power to Respond can become useful. They help you process all the information flooding your brain and how best to manage and deal with it.

They’ve drawn on decades of experience to offer a tailored experience to leave you feeling yourself again and being able to cope and manage with such incidents. They’ve made it extremely accessible, totally private and confidential, incredibly engaging and very effective, so you can regain control.

Don’t believe us when we tell you all this, believe the standard KRTS meets set out by the World Health Organisation, International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, European Network for Traumatic Stress and the British Psychological Society amongst others for post-trauma care.

Their story:

KRTS Power to Respond was set up in the wake of the 4 separate terror attacks between 22nd March to 19th June 2017 that rocked the United Kingdom and raised the threat level of the UK to ‘Critical’ for a period. Using that as their motivation, they felt they had to deal with all this trauma head on. Workforces were being affected on a massive scale by mental health problems inflicted by such incidents. Sickness absence and operational disruption, reduced morale and workplace relations were rife among organisations, and people questioned “how do we deal with this?”.

From there they were set on getting the right support at the right time to the people who so desperately needed it following a disastrous event. They wanted to reach as many people as possible and to remove all confusion and fear from the natural responses to such incidents.

Where do Stratus Healthcare come in? For just €19.95 you can take advantage of KRTS Power to Respond’s ground-breaking app and regain control of your mental health today. Click here to view and purchase. Any questions? Contact us directly through our PharmaChat service, email us at support@stratushealthcare.ie or call us on 051-337054.


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