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Magnesium - The Essential Wellbeing Nutrient

Although magnesium is the ninth most abundant element in the universe, here in Ireland it is in short supply in our diets. Believed to be involved in more than 350 daily enzymatic reactions. The most common symptom of magnesium deficiency that affects people is restless leg syndrome.

Other common signs of deficiency include calcium deficiency (as it promotes calcium absorption), poor heart health, general feeling of weakness, muscle cramps, high blood pressure, fatigue, respiratory issues and much more.

If you regularly drink fizzy drinks that may cause the magnesium deficiency as fizzy drinks contain phosphates which bind with the magnesium in the digestive system, leaving it unusable to the body.

As well as that, sweet foods in general may cause magnesium deficiency. Sweet foods are known as ‘anti-nutrients’ by nutritionists as they consume nutrients when digested resulting in a loss of vital nutrients to our body, including magnesium.

If you’re wondering what foods contain magnesium look for green leafy vegetables, seaweed, oily fish, almonds, brown whole grain bread and especially avocados and dark chocolate!

Supplementation is also a really handy way to take in magnesium and here at Stratus Healthcare we have many magnesium containing products. Our latest is SOS Health’s Magnesium Oil Spray (https://bit.ly/2qDlBTa), they have sprays to aid joints, to aid sleep and for athletes to prevent cramps and soreness.

Pharma Nord’s BioActive Magnesium capsules (https://bit.ly/2JRGsdb) contain three Magnesium salts in a matric making it fast-soluble and easily absorbed. It can swallowed with water directly or dissolved in water.

MAG365 (https://bit.ly/2JSDCF8) is a magnesium powder and must be first mixed with hot water. The magnesium in MAG365 is sourced from seawater and is slightly acidic, making it easier to absorb.

The amount of magnesium that each person requires depends on a multitude of factors: age, prescription drug use, alcohol intake, stress load and activity level.

Have more questions about magnesium? Use our PharmaChat service to talk to a qualified pharmacist instantly or call us on 1850 940 800.

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