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Mobility Scooter Accessories

Thinking about going travelling? You could benefit from some of Stratus Healthcare’s range of mobility scooter accessories. We are one of Ireland’s highest-rated suppliers for medical supplies, healthcare products, vitamins & supplements and beauty collections. We also have a holiday shop that is ideal for those getting ready for summer, where we have a range of products and accessories that can assist and benefit you during the summer period. View the collection for yourself when you have the chance.


For those looking for reliable mobility scooter accessories, Stratus Healthcare are here to help. Just a few of the most notable products include drive gel seat cushions, drive wheelchair cushions and cane holders. In recent months, one of the most popular products has been the backpack shopping bag and channel ramp, ideal for storage purposes so that those who require a wheelchair are able to go travelling.


For those who are thinking about going travelling but require a wheelchair, then it may be worth taking a look at our range of portable wheelchairs. The Excel G-logic transit wheelchair is a great example of a lightweight chair that has been designed for easy transportation and assembly thanks to it’s easy to use instructions that enable users to assemble and disassemble the chair within minutes. Due to its compact nature, it also means that it can be easily stored within confined areas, as well as being available for transportation storage if required.


Despite selling mobility scooter accessories being one of the main purposes for our company, our focus is based on delivering first-class customer service. This is why we have assembled a friendly and knowledgeable team who will be happy to provide additional information, as well as address any queries you have. This is one of the key incentives behind pharma-chat, an online pharmaceutical service that can assist people with tackling minor alignments and recommending suitable products or advice where possible.


In order to purchase reliable mobility scooter accessories in Ireland, look no further than the Stratus Healthcare website. If you have any questions please give our Mobility Expert Kenny Stafford a call on 087 6161222 or via email at kenny@stratushealthcare.ie

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