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Post-Surgery Wound Care & Support

Post-Surgery Wound Care

After some surgery’s your doctor may ask you to clean and dress the wound throughout the day. Taking care of a wound or an incision after surgery can daunting and it is always helpful to have an extra pair of hands with you if possible, to assist. The following are general steps to clean out wound sites. You should always follow the advice of the doctor if they gave you specific instructions on how to clean it.

  1. Always wash hands beforehand with soap and dry with a dry towel. Remove any jewellery, etc. as they can house a number of bacteria.
  2. Remove old dressings slowly to avoid damage to the wound. Wet the dressing if it becomes difficult to remove, unless told otherwise.
  3. To care for the wound, make sure to not use any alcohol, peroxide, iodine or anti-bacterial solutions to avoid damage to the wound and hamper the healing process.
  4. Instead, use a saline solution or mild soapy water. Soak a gauze or cloth in it and gently wipe the wound site.
  5. Try to remove any blood/drainage matter from the site too.
  6. Place the clean dressing on as your medical professional told you to, make sure your hands are clean beforehand and wash them after.


  • If redness, pain, swelling, bleeding or drainage of other matter persists call your doctor for advice on how to deal with the situation.
  • If the wound oozes blood and/or green and yellow pus call your doctor. Also if the drainage from the wound increases.


  • Make sure to keep the wound dry for the first 24 hours especially, since it can cause the wound to open again. Once you get the go ahead to get your whole-body wet take showers instead of baths, for the same reason.
  • Try to limit movement of the wound site in order to prevent the wound from opening.
  • If the wound starts to bleed: replace with a clean band and call your doctor if the bleeding does not stop with the help of added pressure.

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Post-Surgery Support


Here at Stratus Healthcare we have support wear to aid you every step of the way after your surgery. One of the areas we cater for is stoma protection and care. After stoma surgery the most vital thing is that you feel comfortable in your own skin. Clothing can be very difficult to buy after surgery but Comfizz’s range of stoma wear allows the user to wear comfortable, functional pieces so you can feel yourself again.

Our Comfizz line caters for all ages groups and has a list of products ranging from vests, support belts, waistbands, underwear and protectors, all in a variety of support levels to cater for your exact needs.

One of our most popular products is the Comfizz Unisex Waistband. Made from breathable material and placed around the torso in order to conceal and support the surgical site or stoma bag without hampering its functionality. It can be worn all day & night and comes in two widths (7” & 10”) and three colours (black, white & neutral).


Comfizz’s range of products ensures a non-medical look & feel while also giving you extreme functionality that provides gentle support to the abdominal area, adhering to it, therefore reducing the risk of leaks. They’ve been designed in conjunction with patients & medical professionals to ensure a quality product.

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Theya Healthcare

With the advancement of new and improved technology allowing for an even greater breast cancer survival rate, more and more patients are in need of post-surgery support. That’s where Theya Healthcare comes in offering women post-surgery lingerie for those who have undergone breast, pelvic, thoracic and abdominal surgery.

Made from a unique bamboo mix, Theya Healthcare’s products offer comfort, functionality and beauty. From Front-Fastening Bras to Back-Fastening, Support Briefs to Comfort Shorts, all in a range of sizes and colours we’re sure we have the product for you to make you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin.

The Theya Front-Fastening Peony Bra gives medium support while also being soft and comfortable. Ideal for any woman who has undergone breast surgery of any kind such as breast augmentation, breast reduction and reconstruction. The Front-Fastening that this bra allows for means it’s highly adjustable. Its cups, apart from being soft, contain pockets for the insertion of breast forms too.

Theya’s unique bamboo fabric has been tested by University College Dublin’s School of Engineering and is proven to support healing. It prevents the growth of bacteria most associated with post-surgery wounds, prevents odours from the wound site and is also 59% more absorbent than cotton, so you can stay dry and comfortable all day long. It wicks water away 19% faster than cotton and is also extremely breathable so you won’t perspire.

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