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Aptamil Hungry Milk (800g)

Hungry baby milk to help delay the onset of weaning

Aptamil Hungry baby milk is designed to help delay the early onset of weaning, if your baby is not being breastfed. Aptamil hungry baby milk is specially formulated with casein proteins, which makes your baby feel fuller for longer.

When to use Aptamil Hungry

Aptamil Hungry is a nutritionally complete formula for bottlefed babies, suitable from birth onwards.

What’s in their milk?

Aptamil Hungry contains two types of protein; whey and casein, and is different from Aptamil First as it contains more casein than whey. Because casein forms a firmer curd in the stomach than whey, it is digested more slowly, helping to make your baby feel fuller for longer. Our nutritionally complete formula also contains our unique blend of GOS/FOS prebiotic oligosaccharides, LCPs, nucleotides, and key vitamins and minerals.

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