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BecoDefence Plus Allergy Nasal Spray – 140 Doses

BecoDefence Plus provides Dual Action 2 in 1 allergy defence against hayfever symptoms. Use it as soon as you feel hayfever symptoms coming on.
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Provides 2 in 1 defence against allergy symptoms by helping to stop them from developing and reducing sensitivity to allergy triggers

  • Gets to work in just 3 minutes
  • Works 5x faster than tablets1,2,3,4
  • Drug and steroid free
  • Suitable for athletes, pregnant and breast-feeding women
  • For adults and children over 12 years

Becodefence Plus contains unique Thixotropic formula which when shaken becomes a fluid for easy dispersion, then settles back onto the nasal lining as a gel to block allergen contact.

Becodefence Plus has a unique double action:

1. It helps stop symptoms from developing by:

  • Defusing pollen rapidly
  • Supporting fast clearance of allergens
  • Forming a microgel barrier to prevent against further irritation

2. Reduces sensitivity to allergy triggers due to its therapeutic oil with anti-allergic properties acting as a mast-cell stabiliser.

Use Becodefence as soon as you feel the first symptoms, before the allergic reaction has fully developed.


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