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Dioclear – 8 Sachets


Dioclear contains a natural clay with a very high surface area called Diosmectite. Diosmectite absorbs water and binds diarrhoea causing substances which increase stool consistency and slows expulsion to help stop Diarrhoea in its tracks!!

Dioclear does not enter your bloodstream; it works in the digestive system making it a safe treatment for the whole family.

Dioclear – Safe –Effective and Clinically proven treatment for all type of Diarrhoea. Available from all leading pharmacies.

Dioclear is clinically proven and can be used for the whole family, from children (> 1 year) through to adults. Dioclear has a pleasant orange flavour.


Adults: 1 sachet in 100ml of liquid 3 times per day.

Children > 6 years  2-3 sachets per day.
Children > 1 year  1-2 sachet per day.

Dissolve the contents in water or other liquid. For young children, the contents of the sachet can be suspended in the bottle feeder in 50ml of water or mixed with any other beverage and divided into 2-3 doses throughout the day. It is also possible to dissolve Dioclear in semisolid feedings. To obtain a homogeneous suspension, pour powder slowly into the liquid and mix well.

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