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Floradix Epresat Liquid (250ml)

In addition to vitamins, Epresat also contain carefully selected herbs like Echinacea root, milk thistle which helps maintain a healthy digestion, ocean kelp which provides trace elements (like iodine) and cola seeds which increase the absorption of vitamins and also stimulate the body.

With only one spoonful of Epresat (10ml) you safeguard your daily intake of 8 vitamins.

Epresat is free from alcohol, synthetic additives, chemical preservative and colourings – so it is particularly suitable for vegetarians. As all the vitamins are already dissolved in a liquid they are quickly absorbed by the body unlike tablets or capsules.

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Epresat contains essential vitamins normally found in premium quality natural foods which are prepared and cooked properly.

These vitamins include:

Vitamin A

– Essential for healthy eyes, skin and growth – also an important antioxidant and immune system component.

Vitamin B1

– Helps the process of generating energy from food, whilst maintaining the nervous and digestive systems.

Vitamin B2

– Ensures energy release from food, and helps production and repair of body tissues. Important for healthy hair, eyes, and nails, and assists in the formation of antibodies.


– Helps produce energy from food, whilst encouraging healthy skin and good brain function.

Vitamin B6

– Supports the maintenance of healthy skin, nerves and muscles. Assists production of antibodies and hormones, healthy skin and good brain function.

Vitamin C

– An important antioxidant vitamin that assists iron absorption and supports the body’s defence mechanism.

Vitamin D

– Required for calcium absorption. Calcium, in turn is needed for strong bones and teeth, as well as for the optimal functioning of muscles and nerves.

Vitamin E

– An essential antioxidant that protects tissue cells and maintains healthy skin. Vitamin E also helps the body to us oxygen, whilst benefiting the blood and blood vessels.


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