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Compeed Anti Blister Stick (8ml)

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Fresubin Thickened Stage 1 (4x200ml)

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  • High-caloric (1.5 kcal/ml)
  • High in protein (10 g/100 ml)
  • Two different pre-thickened consistencies: Stage 1* and Stage 2*
  • Low in fibre
  • Flavours:
  • Wild Strawberry
  • Vanilla


Store in a cool place, do not store above 25°C.

Once opened, can be stored for up to 24 hours in a refrigerator.


Energy density​ 1.5 kcal/ml​
Energy distribution
Protein​ 27 % energy
Fat​ 40 % energy
Carbohydrates​ 32 % energy​
Fibre​ 1 % energy​
Water​ 79/100ml


Recommended daily dosage​​
For supplementary nutrition​ ≥ 2–3 EasyBottles​ ≥ 600–900 kcal​



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