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GlucoRx Allpresan Diabetic Foam Cream Intensive 125ml

GlucoRx Allpresan Diabetic Foam Cream Intensive is a medical device for the specific treatment of very dry to chapped skin in patients with diabetes mellitus. Its special properties also make it suitable for the treatment of wound edges. GlucoRx Allpresan Diabetic Foam Cream Intensive promotes the healing process and supports recovery of the damaged skin barrier.
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Mornings and evenings, apply an amount about the size of a hazelnut or walnut to the affected areas of the feet. Also beneficial for use between the toes. Allpresan diabetic Foam Cream offers excellent convenience in use, since it is very easy to rub in. It can be applied very quickly without leaving behind an unpleasant greasy film. There is reduced risk of slipping, and you can put on your stockings – even compression stockings – immediately after use. Shake well before each use, and hold the container upright when applying.

Ensure the can is in the upright position and do not tilt during use!


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