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Medicare Skin Sanitizer (70ml)

Cleanse your wounds painlessly with Medicare Skin Sanitizer Spray

• Flushes out dirt and bacteria from wounds and broken skin
• No contact to the wound is needed.
• Convenient, effective and easy to use system, just point and spray.
• No more tears! Cleanses wound without painful stinging!
• Unique 360° dispensing – spray at any angle to cleanse hard to reach areas
Instructions for Use:
• Simply spray holding the container 15 – 20 cm away from the required area. Ensure area is dry before continuing.

Cleanse your family’s cuts and grazes painlessly with the Medicare Skin Sanitizer Spray. This convenient antiseptic spray-on wash is ideal for use on cuts and grazes, minor wounds and skin piercing, insect bites and stings, small burns and scalds and blisters. The ready-to-use Skin Sanitizer Spray is an alcohol-based skin and wound cleanser for use prior to dressing minor cuts and grazes.

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