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Medicare Soft Toe Spreader

• Silicone gel conforms to your foot for a plush, custom-like fit.

• Cushiony gel shield reduces friction and irritation caused by rubbing in shoes

• Prevents chaffing and relieves pressure and irritation between toes

• Silicone gel helps straighten and re-allign toes for optimal comfort

• Clear and discreet soft gel technology protects those sore areas between the toes

• 1 Pc per Pack

Relieve bunion pain and friction with a gel Toe Spreader

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Minimize bunion pain and friction as you walk with this innovative Relief Toe Spreader.
Soft silicone gel conforms to the shape of your foot for a custom-like fit.
Moisturising mineral oil and vitamins are slowly released as you walk to protect your skin; the hypoallergenic, diabetic-friendly design will not irritate your feet. The cushiony gel shield reduces friction and irritation caused by rubbing in shoes. Medicare Gel Toe Spreaders are made of a soft silicone material that comfortably fits between the first and second toes to help reduce friction and maintain alignment. The Toe Spreaders are often used to help keep the first and second toes from rubbing together, and they can also be used for overlapping and rubbing of toes. Toe Spreaders, or toe separators are frequently used with bunion deformity to keep the first and second toes from rubbing together. The toe spreader can be easily maintained by hand washing with soap and water and letting it air dry. The unique silicone gel used in the toe spreader does not absorb odour. Silicone gel can last up to 6 times longer and provides superior cushioning and will not flatten out. The extensive Medicare Foot Care range has been scientifically developed with your comfort in mind; from Bunion pads to Heel cushions, from Toe Splints to Flight Socks; whatever your feet need, we have the solution.


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