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Medicare Spray Plaster (32.5ml)



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Invisible spray-on plaster
• Medicare Spray Plaster instantly seals and protects cuts and grazes
• Water Resistant
• No need to ‘rip off’ the plaster! It gradually disappears as the skin heals
• Its transparent colour makes it virtually invisible
• Ideal for awkward, hard-to-reach areas like the elbows, knuckles, toes or knees
• Medicare Spray Plaster instantly seals and protects cuts and grazes
• Suitable for use on clean dry skin surfaces only
• Size: 32.5ml

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Instructions for Use:
• Shake can well and spray from 5-10cms onto area to be covered
• Leave film undistributed for about 1 minute to dry
• Do not use on face or on infected areas

The Medicare Spray Plaster is a quick and easy solution when you need to deal with cuts and grazes on the go!
When you’re always on the go, you need a quick and easy way to handle cuts and grazes. That’s why we’ve developed the Medicare Spray Plaster – a revolutionary new plaster that you spray on, instead of stick on.
Spray plaster forms a protective transparent film that can last all day or until washed off with soap and water.
The spray-on plaster is ideal for those awkward or hard-to-reach areas like the elbows, knuckles, toes or knees. The Medicare Spray Plaster provides instant protection for cuts, scratches, scrapes and grazes and creates a transparent water-resistant film over the wound. The transparent, breathable protective film helps to protect the wound from water, dirt and germs, reducing the risk of infection and allowing natural healing.
The invisible spray-on plaster is specially designed to create a highly discreet, virtually invisible waterproof film that acts like a second skin when sprayed over minor wounds.


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