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Oilatum Emollient Bath Additive (150ml)



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Oilatum Emollient Bath Additive is a lightly fragranced, moisturising liquid bath formula for people with dry skin.

It can be used for skin conditions such as dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, senile pruritus, ichthyosis and other related conditions that cause flaky and scaly skin.

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Dry skin is due to a lack of water in the outer layer of cells, which reduces its flexibility. This can be due to a lack of water-retaining substances, or the lack of sebum on the skin’s surface. For people with red, inflamed, or chapped skin an emollient can therefore help smoothen and rehydrate it.

Oilatum Emollient Bath Additive is designed to be used in the bath or shower regularly. Its oils form a protective layer on the skin. This slows evaporation and traps more moisture, making the skin feel softer and smoother, with less flaking and itching.

Oilatum Emollient can be used as a cleansing substitute for normal soap and shower gels, which can cause irritation with skin that is sensitive. It can be used safely by children and infants under supervision.

Adding a capful or two regularly to a bath has the added benefit of full immersion in the liquid, protecting skin all over the body rather than just in patches.


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