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Paracetamol 125 mg Suppositories – 10 Pack


Paracetamol suppositories 125mg are a gentle pain relief containing paracetamol. The suppositories are effective in reducing babies fever as well as easing symptoms associated with cold, teething, headaches. The suppositories are quick and easy to use. They may be used in place of oral medication, where the baby maybe vomiting, unable to swallow liquids or following an operation.

For rectal use only
1 – 3 years (10 – 15kg): 1 Suppository
4 – 6 years (15 – 20kg): 2 Suppositories
Please read the patient information leaflet or the link below for further directions of use. Always follow the dosage instructions carefully.

Do not give other medications containing paracetamol while using Paralink suppositories.

Weight 22 kg


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