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PharmaNord Ginkgo-Biloba – 60 Tabs

  • Maintains a good blood circulation
  • Herbal Product
  • Each tablet contains:
    • up to 27mg flavone glycosides
    • 3.4mg ginkgolides
    • 3.2mg bilobalides
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Ginkgo-Biloba Pharma Nord is a traditional herbal remedy in pharmaceutical quality. It consists of coated tablets, each containing 100 mg of refined dry Ginkgo leaf extract.

Alleviates the symptoms of poor blood flow in conditions such as cold hands and feet, exclusively based upon long-standing use.

It makes it possible to improve the flow of blood through the brain and blood vessels of the body. Through this, cells are supplied with more oxygen and nutrients to stimulate the functions of the body and brain. Many people find Ginkgo-Biloba to be helpful against cold hands and feet.

Take 1 tablet twice a day to achieve the desired effect.


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