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Powerheart G5 AED Semi-Auto Defibrillator & CPR Device


This semi-automatic defibrillator, the Powerheart G5, is a powerful life saving, shock giving device. This defibrillator is the first AED that combines variable escalating energy for customised patient therapy along with fast shock times and real-time CPR feedback. It is ready to go whenever you need it with a durable design tested to military standards and an IP55 rating for protection from dust and water. The highly visible Rescue Ready® indicator confirms your G5 passed rigourous daily, weekly and monthly self-test. It has customisable protocols and easy USB data transfer.

It also includes a free carry case and a ready kit which includes the likes of a shears for cutting clothing.

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The CPR Device helps a rescuer give CPR that is consistent with Resuscitation Guidleines, so even first-time rescuers can deliver life-saving CPR. The Powerheart G5 AED automatically recognises and syncs with this easy-to-use device, providing clear instructions and real-time feedback. The CPR Device comes pre-attached to the Adult Defibrillation Pads to save critical time in a rescue.

This AED Kit Includes:

1 Defibrillator
1 Battery
2 Pairs of Adult defib pads with CPR device.

A Getting Started Card, Steps to Rescue Card and User manual Pack Size :1

Defib Pads can be bought separately after being used.

•             It is the only AED on the market that can 100% guarantee that it is ‘rescue ready’. The G5 runs a daily diagnostic check that checks the unit, the battery and the pads.

•             It is one of only three AEDs on the market that uses a medical grade battery, but it is the only one that can guarantee minimum of 4 years operational life; the others have a 2 year operational life.

•             The battery can provide up to 420 shocks and when the battery needs to be replaced, the reserve will still give up to 9 shocks.

•             The AED pads can be placed either side and are interchangeable; they also select the shock output by measuring the impedance and body mass of the person. This allows for the correct shock level to be given; the rate will increase for every subsequent shock required – The G5 has the highest success rate from a single shock.

•             The AED has an 8 year warranty and is fully indemnified.

The Powerheart G5 is the AED of choice for the Irish Red Cross and also has started to be rolled out to Garda vehicles. The Power heart G5 is a proven, reliable, easy to use AED that will represent the best that the market provides and comes with free Rescue kit, free CPR feedback device and free carry case.


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