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Rowarolan Cutaneous Powder (20g)


For the optimal treatment of pressure sores, minor cuts, abrasions, bed sores and leg ulcers, Rowarolan Powder is a highly effective moisture absorbent skin protector. Not only providing relief for the treatment of minor wounds, the Rowarolan Powder is formulated not to irritate healthy skin while neutralising tissue acidosis and alleviating pain. A cutaneous antiseptic dusting powder it helps in the rapid healing and effective prevention of infection.

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  • Rowarolan Powder is a cutaneous antiseptic powder for the treatment of minor cuts, abrasions, pressure and bed sores and leg ulcers.
  • Rowarolan Powder is particularly valuable in the effective treatment of pressure sores and leg ulcers in the elderly.
  • Rowarolan Powder is formulated not to irritate healthy skin and by neutralising tissue acidosis, pain relief is achieved.


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