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Scholl Orthotic Lower Back Pain Relief Medium

Scholl InBalance Pain Relief Insoles help to relieve lower body pains from being on your feet all day.
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Benefits & Features:

  • HELPS TO RELIEVE PAIN in your lower back and includes a heel cup to reduce stress transfer to the lower back
  • CLINICALLLY PROVEN pressure relief
  • WORKS IN THREE WAYS: Shock absorption, pressure redistribution and stabilisation
  • FITS MOST SHOE TYPES and are a pair of full-length insoles
  • COMES IN THREE SIZES: Cut to your size with scissors – Large is UK9-11, Medium is UK7-8.5 and Small UK4.5-6.5

Lower body pain can slow down your everyday activities. Uneven pressure distribution or misaligned foot positioning can have negative effects that result in pain in your lower body. Scholl InBalance Pain Relief Insoles help to relieve lower body pains from being on your feet all day. Developed with a team of Biomechanic experts, they have a Motion Control Structure™ and have been designed to work in 3 ways: shock absorption, pressure redistribution and stabilisation.

Shock Absorption

  • Feet feel shocks with every step. Scholl gel immediately helps to absorb stress-inducing shock through the lower body.

Pressure Redistribution

  • When that weight isn’t spread evenly, it can lead to painful high-pressure areas InBalance Pain Relief Insoles contour to the feet to spread your weight more evenly. Clinically proven pressure relief.


  • Misalignment of your foot position can lead to unnatural walking motions.
  • This causes stress to your feet, which can move up your body and result in knee, hip, or lower back pain. InBalance Insoles help to stabilise the position of your feet to support your natural walking style.


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