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Reclaiming VAT on Mobility Aids

It’s possible in Ireland to get VAT relief when you buy a disability product. The term ‘disability’ here, refers to people who suffer from mental or physical disabilities. To claim your VAT back you must tick certain boxes, see below for a further explanation.

You are eligible to claim a VAT refund on your mobility aid if:

  • You live in Ireland
  • You have a disability
  • You need aids or appliances to assist you with your daily activities.

Value-Added Tax may be reclaimed on certain aids and appliances, below we have a list of all eligible goods. Tax relief is not allowed on services or on the rental of goods.

Examples of eligible goods include:

  • Necessary domestic aids (for example drinking and eating aids designed solely for persons with disabilities).
  • Walk-in baths designed for persons with disabilities.
  • Commode chair and so on.
  • Lifting seat and specified chairs designed for persons with disabilities.
  • Hoists and lifters designed for invalids, including stair lifts.
  • Communication aids designed for those unable to speak.

Tax relief is eligible in some circumstances for persons other than disabled persons, if they are purchasing such goods for the sole use and ownership of a named person or persons with disabilities.

Where the VAT refund is claimed by a person other than the disabled person, Revenue may require evidence that the aid is exclusively for that person with disabilities.

Hospitals, schools and similar institutions do not qualify for said relief where the aids and appliances are for the benefit of the whole institution, rather than being solely owned and used by the person with disabilities.

Applications for repayment must be submitted within four years from the end of the taxable period to which the claim relates.

Making a claim:

Claims can be made through Revenue’s eRepayments service.

To make the claim eRepayments need:

  • the details of your claim
  • supporting documentation for your claim, including original invoices marked paid in full
  • if it applies to your claim, a report by an educationalist, psychologist, or occupational therapist, and medical letters
  • the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and Bank Identifier Code (BIC) of your bank account.

How to access the service?

You can access the eRepayment service through myAccount, by following these steps:

  • Click on the ‘Other Services’ section in the ‘My Services’ area of myAccount.
  • Click on the ‘e-repayment Claims’ card.

You can access the eRepayment service through the Revenue Online Service (ROS), by following these steps:

  • Click on the ‘Other Services’ section in the ‘My Services’ area of ROS.
  • Click on the ‘e-repayment Claims’ card.


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