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Stratus Healthcare's Top Summer Care Tips

Summers means a lot of things: sweating; burns; dryness; skin problems and much more. With the sun beating down on you for (hopefully) most of the summer months you’ll need more than sunscreen to protect you.

  1. Stay Cool – When out in the beating sun always carry a face mist so you can cool down on the go when shade is nowhere to be seen. La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios Invisible Fresh Mist SPF50 or Physicool’s Rapid Cooling Mist should do the trick.
  2. Eating – Intakes of Vitamin A & C can reduce your tendency to burn. Foods that are high in Vitamin C include citrus fruits while papaya is a rich source of Vitamin A. Also mango is high in beta-carotene which is a natural sunscreen, while it also helps to fight ageing and regenerates skin cells.
  3. Protect your eyes – The summer sun can be especially hazardous for your eyes. Make sure to wear good quality sunglasses or apply sunscreen around the eyes to protect them. After a long day out in the sun, use an eye mask to soothe them such as the Therapearl Eye Mask.
  4. Time it right – The sun’s rays are strongest at noon so try to avoid being out at that time and work your day around that.
  5. Cleanse your skin – due to large amounts of excretion blemishes or spots can become very common. Use a high quality scrub or cleanser to rid our skin of any toxins and leave it feeling smooth and luxurious. We recommend L’Oreal’s Pure Clay Glow Scrub or Nivea Daily Essentials Gentle Exfoliating Scrub.
  6. Sunscreen – of course, you can’t forget about the star of the show – sunscreen. It’s essential to get a good quality sunscreen that stays on for long and doesn’t mind the water. Riemann’s P20 range and our newest Calypso sunscreen should protect your skin and leave you with a golden tan also.
  7. Repellent – depending on where you’re heading to this summer insects can be a nightmare for when you’re trying to read a good book or just soak up the sun. That’s why insect repellent is essential! Jungle Formula’s Insect Repellent does the job and we also have Calypso’s new After Sun with Insect Repellent to cool your skin while also protecting you from any unwanted distractions.
  8. After Sun – to keep your skin cool and fresh after a long day out in the sun, use after sun such as Calypso’s range of After Sun Lotions to help your skin heal.
  9. Hair Care – your hair can definitely feel the heat out in the sun, so it’s essential to use a good shampoo to rejuvenate it. Try using a shampoo with very few chemicals such as Aveeno’s Skin Relief Soothing Shampoo or Ziaja’s Goat’s Milk Strengthening Shampoo.
  10. Exercise – with the sun out and about you may as well make the most of it and get a bit of exercise in too. Watch our fitness videos by Donna Dunne or download Irish Olympian Mick Clohisey’s running programmes to up your game this summer season. Exercise will not only leave you feeling great but you’ll be one step closer to that summer body you’re after.


Follow these tips to insure you feel great all summer long. If you have any questions or are looking for more help use our PharmaChat service to talk to a qualified pharmacist instantly or pop in store and ask for a pharmacist.


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