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Want to Purchase a Mum to be Gift Basket?

Are you considering what to buy for a friend or a work colleague who is a mum to be? Here at Stratus Healthcare, we suggest creating a mum to be gift basket. We know that even the most happy pregnancy can still be difficult, and the joy of a new born baby doesn’t take away from the swelling and the back pain. At Status Healthcare, we understand the importance of looking after our mums to be and what better way to do so than with a well thought out gift basket. We’ve collated a few suggestions of the ideal items that you can include in your mum to be gift basket

What to Include in a Mum to be Gift Basket?

gift baskets for new mumsMums to be are always in need of a good relax, particularly in the later stages of their pregnancy. As such, we would recommend making sure that you have included some bottles of pregnancy safe body wash. A soft and soothing soak in the bath can be the perfect chance for our mum to be to put her feet up. Other skin care and bath products will also be appreciated, as they offer her a chance to be pampered and focus on her own self care. This doesn’t have to be limited to bath things either, you can also add in other beauty products too, like dry shampoo and mascara. 

It’s also worth putting those maternity necessities into your mum to be gift basket. Most  pregnant mothers can agree that you can never have enough products, whether this be maternity pads or maternity clothes. This doesn’t have to be expensive, though, so don’t worry about needing to find expensive maternity jeans. Sometimes something as simple as a waistband extender can be incredibly useful to pregnant mothers. Finding some nice medicated wipes or nipple butter, something that can be a God-send post partum, can really make all the difference and they are a nice thing to slip into your mum to be gift basket. 

Of course, no mum to be gift basket would be complete without snacks. Remember pregnant mothers are eating for two, so treat her with an excellent range of tasty and nutritious snacks. We suggest little treats that are easily available throughout the day, like cereal bars and rice cakes. Throwing in some nice, soothing teas would likely also be very appreciated and we would advise against forgetting the chocolate, chocolate is always crucial.

Looking to Find out More About our Maternity Range?

Here at Stratus Healthcare, we have a range of different products that you can use to pamper your friend, relative or wife. Our products are always high quality and well made, so you can rest assured that they are products that she will really love. From anti morning sickness straps to maternity clothes, we have what you’re looking for. 

If you have any questions about your mum to be gift basket or anything else that we can help you with, then we would love to talk to you. You can speak directly to one of our trained members of staff either by giving them a call on 051 337054 or emailing them on support@stratushealthcare.ie.

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