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What is Theya Healthcare?

Stratus Healthcare, an Introduction


We understand that not everyone will be well-versed of who we are here at Stratus Healthcare – we are pleased to provide you with a brief education. Thanks to our team of resident pharmacists, we provide individuals access to a wide-range of healthcare related products; the subsequent aim is to provide people a way in which to optimise their bodies performance. One of the ranges that we are most proud of being able to stock, is that of Theya Healthcare, which we shall elaborate on below. 


What do You Need to Know About Theya Healthcare?


Having first been conceived of in 2012, Theya Healthcare is named after the Hindu Goddess of power; this is aimed to represent and honour those who have gone through amazing hardships, yet have remained strong. Their mission statement is to give breast cancer survivors a post-surgery bra which is not only comfortable, but also allows them to feel empowered and beautiful. With their products’ primary material being made out of a bespoke bamboo-mix fabric, which offers healing properties as well as being visually-aesthetic, you can be sure that their innovation has a solid foundation. For anyone that has undergone surgery relating to breast, pelvic, abdominal or thoracic issues, you will be hard-pressed to source a more reliable line of lingerie, that retains the wearers’ beauty whilst offering adequate comfort, like that of Theya Healthcare. 


What Choices do we Have For You?


When you come to Stratus Healthcare, you will not be disappointed by a lack of selection options; thanks to Theya Healthcare’s rigorous design process, during which over eighty cancer survivors were consulted for their opinions, you can be sure that there will be a product that perfectly suits your requirements. Whether you have undergone surgery and wish to purchase a front-fastening bra which offers medium support, or are currently in the middle of a course of radiotherapy on your pelvic area and desire to have an undergarment that is not only comfortable, but also retains your feminine beauty, we have you covered. If you wish to observe, in more detail, either the aforementioned bra or comfort-shorts, or desire to peruse, more extensively, our entire catalogue of Theya Healthcare products, we invite you to go to our website’s dedicated pages through their respective links. 


An Extensive Catalogue, Just for You


What truly sets Stratus Healthcare apart from its competitors, is not simply the fact that it can offer revolutionary products, such as those supplied by Stratus Healthcare. In order to cater for numerous demographics, we are proud to stock a diverse variety of products. No matter if you are simply seeking to add to your stocks of supplements, such as Lemsip multi-relief capsules or Nurofen Ibuprofen, or are suffering from incontinence and wish to make your daily routine easier by the obtaining of Mai Absorb Discreet-Shaped Pads, we wish to help. For anyone that wishes to browse through any one of our product-ranges, we encourage you to comprehensively go through our website, which is accessible here

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