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ZENBands – Blooming Wellness

Created by Dr. Erin Stair and her company, Blooming Wellness, ZENBands are wellness headbands with removable custom-made pillow speakers that feel amazing on your ears.

Compared to regular headphones, they hugely reduce the amount of pressure on the ears and head and aim to create a comfortable and enjoyable listening experience. Handy for traveling, meditating and resting on your side and since they do not go into your ears, they reduce bacteria transfer.

The ZENBands plug into your phone via a 3.5mm headphone jack and work perfectly with lightning to headphone jack adapters. The bands are wide and so, can be used to cover your eyes while listening and resting, like an eye mask. This process limits external stimuli and allows for an immersive, relaxing and meditative experience while using your ZENBands.

ZENBands are now available at Stratus Healthcare. Click here to view them.

Why no Wireless Bluetooth?

Dr. Erin Stair – the creator of ZENBands – has contacted researchers and combed through studies to analyse the risks of Bluetooth Earphones, or more importantly, the Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) Radiation exposure that is emitted from these devices, such as our mobile phones and Bluetooth devices. One doctor she came across, Dr. Joel Moskowitz put it succinctly, “Wireless headphones are the opposite of wellness”.

Dr. Stair’s continued research unearthed that 250 scientists and doctors from around the world sent petitions to the World Health Organisation (WHO) warning about the potential dangers and risks associated with wireless technology. Phones emit for EMF radiation than Bluetooth devices, however, the proximity to the head of these devices began to worry Dr. Stair.

She personally contacted one of these doctors that signed the petitions, one that has done numerous researches into EMF radiation and exposure. Involved in the completion of the largest animal study into EMF exposure and cancer, she found that it increased the risk of a particular brain cancer. Her results were consistent with another study carried out in the US by the U.S. Health and Human Services’ Department of Toxicology.

After that, she interviewed Dr. Anthony Miller, a trained medical doctor and Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto’s Dall Lana School of Public Health. Also, he’s a long-time adviser to the WHO and has published numerous studies on the epidemiology of cancer. When asked about wireless technology and the potential of risk and serious consequences he said that the evidence is very robust. However, Dr. Miller stated that money talks and the multi-billion-dollar industry that are mobile phones and wireless technology have an incredible amount of money to push these products.

Through her research and investigations Dr. Stair discovered more alarming findings but noted the distance from the head of these EMF sources was highly significant. By increasing the distance by a small amount, the risk of developing such complications is significantly reduced.

On a positive note, the WHO has agreed to reopen analysis into EMF radiation and the cancer-causing potential it has.

Dr. Erin Stair admitted that avoiding the wireless headphone market was a horrible marketing decision but her ethos as a doctor came first and the health of her customers were more in her interest than anything else.


Dr. Erin Stair’s Community – Blooming Wellness

Blooming Wellness is a holistic wellness community, website, blog & store. Dr. Stair believes in making wellness simple, attainable, affordable and natural. She provides evidence for topics that she covers and makes reference when little evidence is readily available.

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